"GHOSTour" is the haunted week of horrors, a supernatural spooktacular vacation for fans and followers of ghosts, the unexplained and all things haunted. The one-week travel adventure includes airfare, deluxe hotel accommodations, special guests, paranormal investigators, ghost-hunters and mediums, tour-guides, coach transfers, plus all advertised admissions-events-attractions. Open to all ages.

GHOSTour to Prague and FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE takes us to one the most supernatural cities, with a history rich in magic, murder and the mysterious. For many years Prague has been a magnet for students of the occult and in the 16th & 17th centuries it was a meeting point for alchemists and astrologers. The architecture of Prague is covered in esoteric symbols which can reveal many secrets to those who know how to read them. Join us as we pay some of these spirited sites a visit and judge for yourself… if you are brave enough! Prague is considered the most haunted city in central Europe, where ghost-hunters, paranormal investigators and monster mavens want to visit and explore. With an array of twisting cobblestone streets and large street lamps the night falls quickly in this historic city complete with dancing shadows and the distinct feeling of the fantastic; surely any element of the surreal can take place! The Czech lands are full of magical stories about legends, myths and ghosts.
    With a magnificent city center loaded with ornate bridges & architecture, one would never know that this stunning city has a dark secret – a violent and sinister past that still haunts it to this day – literally. Look beyond the treasures which are visible on first sight on the streets. Beneath the town is another city. The one from before -- the Underground! In the Old Town, we will visit the Underground and much much more...
    Because so many have expressed an interest in going beyond Prague, GHOSTour 2015 will also be venturing into the darkest regions of Germany, and a very special attraction on the new itinerary will be Frankenstein Castle, one of many historic castles along the Hessian Bergstrasse.

GHOSTour to England visits haunted locales in such cities: London, York, Essex, Lincoln, Whitby, Nottingham, Cambridge and Sudbury. Some of our regular stops, sites and activities include: the Jack The Ripper Walk, London Dungeon, Tower of London (including the Bloody Tower), Highgate Cemetery, Spaniard's Inn, London Shop of Horrors, Borley Rectory, Lyston Church, Mill Hotel (mummified cat), Ye Olde Trip Inn (the oldest Inn in England) by Nottingham Castle and Nottingham Forest, the Cursed Galleon, Lincoln Ghost Walk, Lincoln Cathedral, Lincoln Ghost Walk, White Hart Hotel, York Minster, Evil Eye Lounge, Vudu Lounge, York Ghost Walk, Mickelgate Bar, Bedern Hall, Shambles, Whitby Abbey, the Dracula Experience, Whitby Goth shops, Royal Hotel (where Bram Stoker stayed), Lyceum Theatre (Bram Stoker's theatre), Whitby Ghost Walk, Witches of Whitby, Whitby Dracula Walk, Castle Rising and our infamous gala Masquerade Monster Mash Ball.

GHOSTour to Ireland"Failte" - Welcome. After Scotland, Ireland boasts the most haunted castles and reported lake monsters in the world. Expect to visit Dublin Castle, built in 1204, where invaders to the castle were beheaded and displayed on the castle wall. Countless decapitated bodies are buried under the castle. Their vengeful souls still roam the castle, and tour guides report poltergeist activity. Marsh’s Library, built in 1701, is an ornate library and the site of ghostly activity. Malahide Castle was the home of Lord Talbot and his descendant’s 1185-1973. The castle has a long history of being haunted. New Grange is a 5,000-year-old megalithic cemetery (burial mound). Leap Castle is said to be the most haunted castle in Ireland. Hill of Tara is the ancient site of Ireland’s high kings and pagan community prior to the emergence of Christianity. This was the site of the original renaissance faire. Plus our infamous gala Mad Monster Mash Masquerade Ball. Hosted by Charles F. Rosenay!!! ("Cryptmaster Chiller Chucky") and TV personality/paranormal investigator Richard Felix ("Most Haunted").

GHOSTour to Scotland follows in the haunted footsteps of Mary Queen of Scots and Bonnie Prince Charles. Explore the Underground City and visit the most amazing castles. Some of the places we visit include Greyfriars Church & Cemetery, home of the McZenzie poltergeist; Hollyrood, where Mary Queen of Scot's secretary was stabbed and where the bloodstains still remain; Inverness, home of the Lochness Monster as well as Urquhart Castle and "Nessieland;" Airth Castle; haunted Edinburgh Castle; Glasgow Castle and the Necropolis burial grounds; Culzean Castle in Maybole; the Winnock; Tolbooth Prison in Aberdeen; the spooky underground walk through Mary King’s Close; "The Royal Mile;" "Frankenstein's Pub" and our infamous gala Masquerade Monster Mash Ball. Hosted by Charles F. Rosenay!!! ("Cryptmaster Chiller Chucky") and TV personality/paranormal investigator Richard Felix ("Most Haunted").

New attractions, events, guests and locations are added every year.

GHOSTour is a division of Tours of Terror, presenters of DRACULA TOUR, the vampire vacations to Transylvania.

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